There are no set rules for breaking into the world of sports journalism.

The basics for success in the industry are to understand how football and sports media operate, and to be able to deliver whichever discipline is required, effectively, accurately and consistently, whether it’s written, broadcast, or both.

My classes and personal tuition centre around the various necessary skills, techniques and duties that are carried out by the media on a constant basis.

This includes broadcasting, Radio, Television, match reporting, match commentary, television editing and packaging, radio bulletins, interviewing techniques, along with all aspects of written journalism, tabloid, broadsheet, on line, feature writing, news stories, columns, ghost writing and the various styles of written match reports.   


The media’s ongoing relationship with various public relations personnel is another key factor and examined in detail.

As well as helping people to become good at the things they’d be doing on a regular basis if working in the media, regular clients will be introduced to authentic situations, and offered the chance to meet well known journalists, who know the profession inside out and back to front.

I aim to make my classes and tuition the best and most sought after anywhere.

Having lived in this environment since 1982 and completed over 30 years of unbroken professional experience, I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to pass on.

I’m still working around the largest clubs, having consistently dealt with football's biggest names.

I’ve enjoyed immensely part time lecturing at Universities and am still up for assisting when required, but I’m equally proud to have started my own evening classes and personal tuition services.

It is my aim to share the know how that I have acquired over three and a half decades, with those who have a serious interest in football/sports journalism, and a genuine desire to progress.

Weekly courses are now running in the North West.

Personal one on one tuition is available.

Regional classes and courses are planned.

Please feel free to contact

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