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Pro30 Sports Media Coaching

Peter Smith


Reality Coaching

The only people who accurately understand the working practices of the media are those within the industry. The Pro30 Sports Media Coaching manual does not originate from a textbook.

It is based around forty years of front line experiences and is geared solely around contemporary methods.

Its ethos is simple, to prepare individuals for careers in professional sports journalism.

Taught by professionals to create professionals

Every single aspect of modern sports journalism is encompassed within the Pro30 Sports Media Coaching, module, providing an insight into

  • The written word,

  • Radio,

  • Television,

  • The ever-growing world of Sports PR.

Coached by mentors with decades of experience


My Student Pledge

For me, it its an accurate assertion that the only people who really understand the media are the media themselves. Working in football and Sports journalism can be a truly exhilarating and rewarding experience at times, but equally can prove incredibly complex. The working environment can be readily accommodating on occasions and conversely volatile in other situations.


Football is a game full of cliches, I dare say I've used a few myself in my time, I wouldn't encourage any in my workshops, but I do adhere to a couple when it comes to the subject of experience. The maxim's of it being invaluable and not available for purchase are two that I go along with one hundred percent.


They underpin the whole concept of PRO30 SPORTS MEDIA COACHING. Put in simple terms this whole initiative will never be found in textbooks. It is based around forty years of escapade around top flight and Premier League football and other areas of the sporting world. It concentrates wholeheartedly on the skill set, awareness, savvy, and most importantly, developing the news sense that any individual wishing to work in a sports media environment will undoubtedly need.


PRO30 SPORTS MEDIA COACHING concentrates candidly on developing the necessary practices used by contemporary working journalists on a daily basis, allied to gaining a true and authentic understanding of the working environment. Every single aspect of modern sports journalism is encompassed. The written word, news stories, features, various styles of match reporting, column writing are all examined and coached. Plus comprehensive sessions based on broadcast techniques used in Radio and Television, Gaining an understanding of the ever-growing PR input into football and sport, and how to cope in its inevitable crossfire is another vital component. Courses and sessions also benefit from input from top industry professionals who are at the very pinnacles of their careers.


Working around Sir Alex Ferguson for 25 years offered me the finest media training imaginable. Being on his wrong side and in the proverbial dog house for a four and a half year span provided me with extreme challenges. But it was experience that I used to maximum effect in future years. After enduring and standing up to this intimidation, nothing could really faze me So when a Premier League manager tried the silent treatment on me when he didn't like a question, and when others have rounded on me in the line of duty, I knew exactly how to cope.


All of these experiences are shared in the PRO30 SPORTS MEDIA COACHING model. Another reason why the sessions are totally unique. It is my aim to make PRO30 SPORTS MEDIA COACHING the most efficient and most sought after in the entire market. Whether you enlist for one to one private tuition, or are part of a class session, you'll be gaining from the input of experienced professionals. The PRO30 ethos is simple. Individuals are being taught by industry professionals to produce future industry professionals.


Being an associate of World Sports Communications, PRO30 SMC, actively encourages and supports training for students from BAME backgrounds.


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